Evolving Technology Makes for Dynamic Teaching


In the modern world, few things change as rapidly as technology. One generation ago, people still used type writers, and “to be on your phone” meant that you were talking to another individual through a landline connection. The evolution of technology has left few realms untouched, and technology in the classroom is no exception. For example, the college students who use iPads and laptops today can probably remember using floppy disks and overhead projectors in grade school. This fact has critical implications for the future teachers of today.

As technology progresses, effective teachers cannot teach using only the methods with which they were taught. If all teachers did this, many of us would still be using chalkboards and slide rules. Instead, teachers must change with technology. Dynamic teaching with progressive technology enables students to make connections among concepts which would be difficult to make prior to the technology.

However, it is important for teachers to realize that using technology for the sake of doing so does not help students. As put by Dick and Hollebrands (2011, p. xi), technology should be chosen “either to push our students’ mathematical thinking forward or to probe how students are thinking mathematically.” Thus, it is worthwhile for teachers to remain up-to-date with the latest classroom technology, constantly evaluating whether or not new technologies merit a place in the classroom. As reviewed in previous posts, effective technologies range from dynamic geometry software, like GeoGebra, to graphing tools, such as Desmos. The addition of new technology does not invalidate the use of existing methods- at times a whiteboard provides the simplest medium through which to make an explanation. The key, then, for dynamic teaching is finding the most effective way in which to present a concept and willingly adapting to new technologies which achieve this end.


Dick, T. P., & Hollebrands, K. F. (2011). Focus in high school mathematics: Technology to

support reasoning and sense making. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of



2 thoughts on “Evolving Technology Makes for Dynamic Teaching

  1. ann0010 says:

    I agree with your comment that teachers should not use technology just to say they used. I feel like a lot of teachers may use technology, but not in an effective way that promotes students’ mathematical learning.


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